Do you remember back when you started your business…?

You started with a dream to be completely free, right?

A vision of what you could create and bring to your market to change lives, help others, and grow yourself. A business you could pour your time, love and energy into and grow by leaps and bounds.

I LOVE this! I too had the same exact dream.

So you embarked into the unknown word of entrepreneurship ready to take on the world.

You promised yourself that you would do and learn anything you needed to, in order to reach those big goals you set for yourself.

So off you went with you notepad and pen, and you began to explore, learn and build your business

Now you probably were able to gain traction in your business, but you realized quite quickly that there was just TOO much stuff that you needed to know in order to get your business running at the level you want.

Areas like Sales Funnels, Facebook Ads, Scaling, Systems and Automation, Membership Sites, SEO strategy and so on…

It’s a lot, isn’t it? I know that I felt like I was going insane at one point. I didn’t even know where to begin at some points.

PSSST! I’m going to let you in on something…

Being told you must have support at all times and be constantly investing in yourself and your growth to get where you want to go isn’t necessarily the truth. It’s not about the support, it’s about getting strategic support where it’s needed to propel you forward.

Otherwise, each day you end up focusing on the activities that are not actually producing real results. I know that sitting on Canva creating graphics is definitely not a task that I should be completing. But, guess what? I was.

I am here to tell you that we’re are putting a STOP to all of this non-sense. It is time that you get back into the driver’s seat of your business and be the CEO that I know you are.

“So, what the heck are you proposing I do here, Maria?” you may ask.

Let me tell you two thing that I do know:

  1. The best way to get you where you are now, to where to want to be is by taking STRATEGIC ACTION.
  2. Building a business doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but us humans make it that way.

Let’s get real for a second here. Is something holding you back?

  • Maybe it’s not knowing what the right actions need to be taken
  • Maybe it’s a need to shift your mindset
  • Maybe it’s an uneasy feeling of floating all on by yourself
  • Or maybe it’s that innately you know that it’s not just about taking Action, it’s about taking the right Action.

Imagine this for a moment….

  • What if you had all the clarity you needed right at your fingertips?
  • What if you a step by step plan laid out for you?
  • What if you oozed confidence?
  • What if you had all the support you needed?

What would be possible for you and your business?

This is where I come in!

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself and say a proper “Hi”!

I’m Maria Hinton, and first off… I absolutely know how you feel. I have been there.

I started my own business from scratch a couple of years ago and when I began, I had my fair share of ups and downs, successes and not-so successes.

I also had a background in Business to lean on, so I adapted my strategies, I learned, I tweaked, I tested and with a lot of work and a lot of love, I found out what worked best for my business and I built my business on that foundation.

But I took this further. I learned all about SEO, about Systems and Automation and I integrated all of this into my business, enabling myself to work less, and work only on what I wanted to, and earn more in the process.

I have absolutely been where you are, and I know how frustrating it can be.

I’ve been where you are and the way I catapulted my success was not by constant information gathering or getting lost in Canva or Power Editor, but by working SMARTER in what I focused on.

I took everything I learned, mastered it then implemented it.

I believe and know that everyone has the power to create the freedom they desire in their business without always being chained to a long-term coach or to the daily tasks they think they have to be doing.

You CAN skyrocket your business success by working smartly and strategically and in the process gift yourself back your free-time and your peace of mind.

So let me ask you… What would be possible for you in your business if you had:

  • A CEO-minded powerhouse to be your co-pilot and show you the ropes
  • State of the art workshops that are laser targeted to help you get where you need to go and fast
  • Swipe files and cheat sheets to help you stay on point and repeat a proven successful formula
  • A helping hand to help you sort through the most important next steps in your business
  • A leader who can help you learn optimal outsourcing and team building within your business to free up your time
  • A strategist and dreamer to help you crank out impactful messaging and content

Through The Momentum Lab, you can have all of that and more

Here’s how this works:

  • Once you sign up, you will immediately get The Momentum Lab orientation package that will outline what you can expect and our schedule
  • Each month we will have three live workshops where we get straight to business
  • All calls last for 2 hours, so we can ensure that you get all the questions you have answered
  • All calls are recorded and are yours to keep
  • Each workshop comes with a downloadable workbook so that you can take notes
  • Once you have completed The Momentum Lab, a gemstone bracelet will be sent out to you. A little token to remind you that you’re a powerhouse.

BOOM! Your action plan and your path to success is set and in motion!

Get Your Questions Answered

In The Momentum Lab, your questions will never go unanswered. You have unlimited access to me during our time together

Engaging Material

Throughout your experience in the Momentum Lab, you will have access to high quality content. You will have lifetime access to all training materials.

Workshop Itinerary

A workshop schedule is given to you when you sign up so you can plan!

Ask The Right Questions

All our live trainings will be held via Zoom. All calls will be recorded, and replays will be made available to everyone.

Private Support Group

All member of the Momentum Lab have the option of joining a private Facebook group where they can engage with other change makers.

Breathe Life Into Goals

The Momentum Lab is not about binge watching training. It is about understanding the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals…and then taking the ACTION.

Some of my areas of expertise are and some of the topics that will be covering:

  • Mindset Mastery for Sustainable Success
  • Cranking Out Content
  • List Building Wizardry
  • Sultry Sales Funnels
  • Evergreen & Passive Income
  • Mastering Your Message
  • Creating Your Platinum Client Experience
  • Systems & Automation
  • Optimizing Opt-ins
  • The Science of SEO
  • Sales Mastery
  • Pricing & Packaging

Your Investment: $397 Next Round Begins August 22

What’s included in The Momentum Lab:

  • 12 State of the art workshops
  • 24 hours of 1:1 time with yours truly
  • Hands on strategy and implementation
  • Swipe files and training videos
  • Signature Momentum Lab Gemstone Bracelet

If you’ve read to here, you already know if the The Momentum Lab is right for you.

You already know in your bones if you are ready to take this leap, to invest in yourself and dramatically impact the course of your business and your life.

This is going to be FUN!! See you inside

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