Guest post by Melanie Midegs

Are you holding your breath? Just stop for a moment and bring your attention to how you are breathing right now. Are you breathing down into your belly using your diaphragm or are you like the millions of us who forget and fall into a regular pattern of shallow light breathing.

Breathing in, breathing out. Money coming in, money going out. Your money behaviour can be seen through your nose. I’m a qualified Psychosomatic Therapist and use Face Reading to help budding entrepreneurs to be successful and thrive.

Your nose is related to your Solar Plexus energy that represents your personal power and confidence to step out into the world and reveals how you best like to do this. Every nose shape is different and indicates if you’ll be an exceptional leader, a conduit for responsibility and organising, a perfectionist or if you prefer to leave the hard work for others and just have fun!

So what provides you with the energy to have the confidence to step out in the world? Your breath. The more you can ‘breathe easy’, the easier it is to step out of your comfort zone.

Money is energy and if you are ‘breathing easy’ in your bank account how much more confidence would you have to share your gifts and talents with the world.

It’s the nostrils that are the giveaway when it comes to your relationship with money. The nostrils are the gateway for you to receive and release energy. The more exposed your nostrils are, the higher your tendency to experience a huge influx of money… and then see it disappear as soon as you received it! The same with your energy levels – you may receive bursts of energy to get things done, and then you can feel so depleted and could sleep for a week. Can you see the connection?

What can you do to help with this? Pull your chin in. Here is an example:


(This is me working away in Bali by the way!)

It’s really common for us to tilt our head back, which means our nostrils are exposed and this is where we can experience extremes of energy and money. As soon as you pull your chin in, your ability to hold onto your energy and money grows tenfold. It even feels much better – try it! You will feel much more aligned within your own body and this will increase your confidence to do the things you need to do to create and HOLD more energy and money in your world.

Align your body and breathe deep fluid breaths to fill your personal backpack with energy (& money!). This will help you to move forward with confidence to take your next step.


Melanie Midegs
Creative Inspirator & Online Business Coach
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Melanie Midegs is a Creative Inspirator & Online Business Coach, who empowers women to step out of the corporate world, turn their passion into an online business and become travelling Global Entrepreneurs. She will make your personality pop online and have you living the dream of travelling around the world!

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