I know a little bit about you.

I know you have a deep desire within you to make your own unique and special impact on the world.

I know you want more from the life you are living.

And I know you care. Not just about yourself and the people you love around you, but beyond your immediate circle,

I know you care.

That’s what life is about, isn’t it?

That caring.

Those sparks of desire you have within – maybe since you were a child or maybe since you’ve been an adult – to create something of your own and make your mark on the world. Your own business or a better life or whatever that ‘something’ is for you.

That’s what life is about.

Listen to those inner nudges.

That is the life energy that drives us, it’s the force that guides us and leads us to follow our passions and desires and instincts in life… it’s life working through us. And let me tell you, that energy is POWERFUL.

That life energy is FIERCE and I can help you work with it in a way that will super-charge your life!

Sound like too much…?

That isn’t even half of it!

When you learn to work with this life energy, through following your inner guidance, mastering your mindset and taking aligned action… You can not only envision those brave, big, bold visions and desires you have, but you can absolutely create them.

I am Maria Hinton, Possibilitarian, Prosperity Coach & Spiritual Healer.

I’m your Go-To Gal for shifting your mindset and teaching you the tools and tricks to true wealth and abundance and how to create a sustainable life that leaves a true impact on the world around us.

I’m also a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Colour Therapist, and Certified Coach. 

Not too long ago, I stood where you stand.

I felt stuck, confused and frustrated. I constantly wondered what my life would be like if I actually followed my heart. After over a decade of living out of alignment, I took my first step in the direction I wanted to go and I never looked back. Don’t get me wrong, I had my fair share of ups and downs, successes and not-so-successes, but with a lot of work and a lot of love, I built the life I always dreamed of.

Now, it is my mission to guide humans like you, uncover their true life purpose and build the life you want and deserve.

I am a  changemaker and healer!

I love to go against the grain in life. I am all about creating freedom, redefining rules and boundaries and doing the things that I am passionate about in the world.

And I LOVE working with people who are READY to LIVE their best life!

Something that is absolutely fundamental to me is Philanthropy. I am acutely aware that not everybody in the world has access to the opportunities or the everyday resources that we in the Western World so often take for granted.

As conscious people – and if you are reading this, I am including you here – there are so many opportunites for us to DO MORE. GIVE MORE. LOVE MORE. We all have the potential to be CHANGEMAKERS. We can help others and I believe we must. I believe this is our moral, human responsibility and this is a code I live by in my life.

Want to know a secret?

The people who truly have abundant lives are the ones who go beyond just serving their own needs.

I say this not only for myself, but because it’s what I see in the lives of my clients.

When we are creating – a business, our lives, our passions – and we are driven to create for not only ourselves, but also for the people we love and beyond them out into the world – that life energy gets amplified. When you truly want to do your life’s work not just for yourself, but to benefit others – magic happens.  

You see, living your dream life can be everything. It can be freeing, fun and fulfilling. It can absolutely light up your world AND have a major, positive impact in the lives of others.

I know, because that’s how I have built my life and it’s my life’s work to help others build their lives just the same!

Want to know some other things about me…?

Well, I’ll share 10 things with you that only those closest to me know!

  1. I am a wife and mother/stepmother to four beautiful boys Alesandro, Luka, Daniel and Niko.
  2. I love to make natural coldpress soap, creams and lipbalms infused with essential oils.
  3. I am a tad obsessed with food, drug and cold case documentaries!
  4. I am full of life, completely vibrant and friendly, but I also VERY much value my time alone.
  5. I am highly intuitive and creep my friends and family out often when I share my thoughts.
  6. One of my very favorite things is meeting new people and hearing their stories. I love to listen…
  7. I have a huge collection of crystals, essential oils, and incense from all over the world.
  8. If you pop by my house, you may find me eating tacos, pumpkin pie, and pho – possibly all at once.
  9. After years of paying tons of cash to get my nails done, I took a course to learn how to do my own.
  10. I am a neat freak. I thrive in an environment that is organized.

You can follow me on social media (FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram are my mains), No matter what way we connect, I promise you – we’re about to change everything.