Your task list: Done (or close to it).
Success on your terms: Hells Yea I’ll take two!
Inspired ideas: Flowing some days, not so much other days.


Where’s the ‘MORE’?
Mo’ money, mo’ joy, mo’ meaning and connection to something bigger than just paying bills off?

Spending quality time with hubby over gnocchi and a bottle of chianti at Finnochio’s this weekend?

It’s going to have to wait. Again.

Because you are so busy either avoiding the reality you see in front of you or trying to face it head ON with a pit in your stomach.
Huh? This is NOT living! This is not your dream life at all. (Or even close to it, I know.)
Attempts to manifest the mindset, money or answers you need to make everyone (including you) happy, isn’t showing up the way you are doing it.
You’ve got THOSE ‘magical’ books everyone talks about.

You breeze through your morning affirmations and journaling. You’re grateful, damn it.

And…ZILCH is changing, other than your bookshelves filling up with journals & more to read to find answers.

What are you doing wrong?

I’ll tell you: More than you know.

There’s magic and energy in creating the cash you want for your family.
There’s so much more to it than going through the motions.
And so much more than JUST THE MONEY.
You heard me- so much more.

Or what you’ve been doing would’ve worked, wouldn’t they?

Even at the times you do pull off a perfect parking spot, a clutch new deal, book new clients, pay off some bills, you are becoming more & more aware that there MUST BE MORE than just doing that over & over again.

When you understand the keys to really making your dreams come true, you’ll become an unstoppable force in this world. And that’s exactly what I’m going to arm you with.

Learn every step of what you should be doing (and WHY – hint: it isn’t about money at the core of it), so you come out of the other side of this course with everything you wanted. And then some. Hello, Dom (Perignon).

  • Pay off your everloving debt, already
  • Have enough money for the everything you need so you never have to wait your turn for the things you want again
  • Go to bed at night, every night, at peace because your 6-figure income is steady and stable, at last

Besides the moola….WHAT IF I TOLD YOU THERE IS MORE?

What if I told you the money part is just the start of that magic I’m going to teach you?

What if you could learn TRUE WEALTH, TRUE ABUNDANCE, TRUE BELIEF in yourself, the Big U and learn how to dance your way through life with trust & gratitude?
What if I promise you that a life beyond your wildest dreams is much easier to create than you would believe?

Yeah, THAT.

That is what this is all about.

Join me in kicking your manifesting troubles in the teeth in this Mastering Manifestation Mastermind. Let’s move you into the big time, baby!


  1. Dive into the subconscious mind and uproot the limiting and self sabotaging beliefs you have around money (chances are you’re not even aware of them) so you are absolutely free to conjure the thoughts you need to in order to create cash in your pocket
  2. Expose common money myths that hold you in a scarcity, all or nothing mindset because that is a dangerous place to try to create from
  3. Smash through limiting beliefs and create a new, healthy relationship with your moola! (When you show it love, it loves you back!)
  4. Tap into your soul, and re-ignite the passion that lives inside you because when you’re manifesting from a feel-good, get-the-fuck-out-of-my-way vibration, you are unstoppable


  1. Discover what prosperity consciousness really means, and why it is the key to attracting and retaining wealth, long-term (that money ain’t going no where, now!)
  2. Uncover why “conscious living” is instrumental to building inner prosperity, which in turn creates your external prosperity (Psssst! If you don’t get the inner stuff right, the material stuff stays at bay and we can’t have that if you want permanent cash flow)
  3. Learn tools and techniques on opening yourself to prosperity consciousness, so you can live a life filled of joy and purpose (money ADORES purpose, yo!)


  1. Master the universal laws that guide the acquisition and retainment of prosperity so you stay on top of bringing in money and keeping it coming in
  2. A step-by step guide on following the universal laws of money and success because you DON’T want to violate these (Think: Your money could all go away)
  3. Learn how your thoughts and feelings around wealth are a reflection of your external wealth since what you have is because of what you believe
  4. Why “faith” and “ belief” accelerate the speed of prosperity you draw into your life and how to make sure you’re fueling the right ones for money attraction


  1. Discover the Law of Attraction and how it can be used to help you attract ANYTHING you want in life, even that new furniture for the kids’ rooms
  2. A deep understanding on how your thoughts and words create the life you have, whether you wanted it or not so you can stop stepping on yourself and create days in the sun and wind in your hair
  3. Techniques and tools that will help you stay focused on what you want, not what you don’t
  4. Why success isn’t a finite resource and why everyone can have it, yes…anyone…anywhere…even you


  1. Avoid common mistakes people make when trying to manifest the house they want or the cars they’d love to drive
  2. Give off good vibrations, they have a direct impact on how quickly you manifest (don’t let that crappy driver who just cut you off step on your progress)
  3. Learn why emotion is the key behind manifesting and how to control yours for the better, no timeout chair for mama needed (anymore)
  4. Connect the head and the heart to cultivate all the right emotions to manifest in an easy-to-follow guide so you can’t do anything BUT get it right


  1. Learn simple but powerful affirmations and mantras to keep your heart and soul in the game so that a bad day in the kitchen doesn’t wipe out your focus
  2. Step by step meditation guide that will help you connect with yourself and spirit because ALL of you has to work in synchronicity to make this happen
  3. Discover what crystal work is all about, and how you can use it to heal your body, and attract prosperity by learning how to activate and clear your crystals, how to create harmony and flow in the physical body that manifests itself as the money you want to attract
  4. Absorbing and transmitting universal energy by means of assimilating colour vibrations into your being so you are arming yourself with everything possible to create the cash you want consistently coming in


  1. Discover what your chakras are, and how they impact your ability to live a healthy and balanced life (Think: good vibrations = money parties)
  2. Learn techniques to recognize when your chakras are out of balance so you can quickly bring them back to center
  3. Learn how to heal your own alignments by by using a step by step guide to clear each chakra for manifesting power
  4. A full meditation to clear and rebalance your chakras so you can kiss your blocks goodbye
  5. Chakra movement exercises to keep them healthy and aligned
  6. Discover creative visualization, and how to implement it with goal setting to solidify your desires

Pay in Full $447 or
6 x $97 monthly payments

3 Monthly Reflections
3 Monthly Assignments
3 Monthly Webinars
3 Monthly Challenges
3 Monthly Affirmations
3 Guided Meditations
Private Facebook Group
1 Live Monthly Q & A
60 minutes
1 Guest Speaker Training
60 minutes
 Lifetime Access


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**And if you sign up for the Six Month Mastermind, you get a bonus month on me: Month Seven**

The money you desire, the freedom from bill collectors, the freedom from scrounging up money to buy groceries each week, the peace that you have sooo much more than you need? Is here.

A life filled with magic and miracles and a connection to Universal Laws, Divine Creation and your place in what is your birthright to be a part of….that too!

Let’s unlock those shackles.


That means you can continue to hone your ninja skills, create the next level of what you deserve and believe life can be and continue of this new shiny road long after our six months together end!