Success is a function of skill and work – period. Those blessed with more skill, whether it’s academic, athletic, social, etc., can find success with less work. Those with less skill must compensate with more and/or harder work to find the same level of success. Some would argue that timing and luck are key factors in success. Those who argue that are usually the ‘victims’ of poor timing and bad luck. With enough skill and effort, you make your own luck and create your own timing.

Blaming bad luck and/or poor timing for lack of, or limited, success is a waste of time and energy. Another common, and equally wasteful, practice is called Comparitis (pronounced compare-itis).

Comparitis is exactly what it sounds like, the practice of comparing yourself to someone else to see how you stack up. It could be your physical appearance, popularity, friends, money, toys or sales numbers. It is limited only by your imagination and it can strangle your creativity and productivity, if you let it.

Comparing yourself to others while doing an honest self-assessment isn’t a problem, it can be a great way to set goals or measure progress. It becomes a problem when your comparisons are unrealistic. Comparing your half-marathon time to the world record holder’s time is probably going to be discouraging just as comparing your sales numbers to the company’s top salesman will probably be. Discouragement can lead to self-doubt, envy and resentment. Chances are none of those words are on your resume, and for good reason. These aren’t traits usually associated with successful people. Success looks different for everyone; you have to break the Comparitis habit to truly enjoy success and abundance in your life. If you’re discouraged or full of doubt you simply can’t perform to the best of your abilities, which leads to further discouragement and doubt, which leads to…you see where this is going. Here are a few Comparitis busters:

1. Mind your own business. Comparing yourself to Johnny or Jenny has absolutely nothing to do with how you live your life or do your work. It really doesn’t and you’re wasting your time with it. You be you!

2. Be appreciative of others success and abundance. Giving a genuine compliment will put a dagger in the heart of envy or resentment.

3. Keep the big picture in mind. Remember that your success will look different than Johnny’s or Jenny’s.

4. Watch and learn. Locate someone you consider to be successful and see what it is that makes them so. It shouldn’t be hard to spot, but don’t get your hopes up. Remember that people are conditioned to only show the bright side of things. If you look close enough you will see the mess as well.

5. Just do it! Take all the energy you are wasting and direct it at your goals. You’re going to like what happens.

Now close Facebook and start working toward your goals!