Feeling$ and Fund$

You have just HAD it.

Living month to month, playing credit card roulette to make the purchases happen, looking out not knowing how the hell you could possibly shift this game.

It feels like it’s always been like this so it just always WILL be. Everyone else can change, but you are just STUCK AS SHIT.

You look around you at all these entrepreneurs talking about their 5 figure months and debt-free lives and you wonder with a mix of guilty fascination and disbelief, ‘Is it just me that doesn’t get it??’

Honey, it is definitely not just you!

You have bought the books, started the journals, decorated the vision boards, signed up for the free calls to give the foolproof 5 easy steps to manifestation and you are still exactly where you started. BROKE AND SCARED.

Mantras   |   Affirmations   |   Intentions

Sure they all sound great, but when the bills roll in, so do the tears and the story starts all over again.

The self talk, the sob story, it JUST isn’t you anymore… you are so powerful in so many other areas of your life but you have NO other way of looking at this!

Are you FED up?

Can you truly say you are READY to change this once and for all?


Because that’s where we start, baby!

You don’t have to know the HOW.

You also don’t have to stay only in your pretty little head to budget and plan. The problem won’t get fixed from the same place it started! (Funny to hear that from a former financial planner, right?)

As you’ve heard over and over…MONEY IS ENERGY.

I know you are mumbling ‘And I have no freakin energy left for it!’ and that’s what I’m here for.

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I’m Maria Hinton, possibilitarian and prosperity coach and I’m here to show you how to make (mad) money, honey.

But before we start making magic together, we need to dig in DEEP and get to the root of your money beliefs and stories to see how and why you are creating this life o’ lack over and over.

You see, your beliefs and perspectives about what money means and what it takes to get it don’t start in today’s to do list. They don’t stem from your day job or what you have or don’t have in the bank.

It starts with your childhood.

Yep – good, bad or indifferent, our money stories start at our beginning. The values and attitudes you internalized when you were young become the glasses in which you view money, success, lack, abundance, self worth and a whole bunch of other juicy little things.

And it’s time to unpack that shit once and for all

Figuring out EXACTLY WHY you’re STUCK in the first place. WHY do you feel the way you do about money? WHAT BELIEFS are holding you back?

That kinda clarity is the MOST important step in getting you outta a financial rut – and back into the black.

The good news is YOU can and will change the story if you’ve got the cajones to do the deep work.

It isn’t about hustling harder or taking on a third job to make ends meet. Let’s get you off of that roller coaster ride and stepping fully into your own positive power creation mode.

The change comes from shifting your thoughts and perception, understanding where they came from, uncovering the meaning that holds for you and creating new patterns, habits and beliefs to replace them.

When money and fear no longer control us and we understand why we are in the situations we are in, we can learn to make the focus different.

Imagine if your heart’s desires and mindset were your NEW TOOLS to big moneymaking?

Guess what?

They are!

Who am I to tell you all of this?



I know how you feel, I didn’t believe a different way either. And I sure as hell didn’t know how to change!
But the difference is I made a DECISION to no longer let fear and money hold me back from the greater plan I had for my life so I took shit into my own hands, I started at square one like you are and I never turned back.
And now I’m showing up to teach you how and to tell you you aren’t alone in facing this stuff.

YEP. I just gave you permission to dream again when it comes to finances.

It is not about how many clients you wrangle in or what you charge.
None of that defines you or your success.

You get to decide

You get to set your big desires and believe in them so wholeheartedly that you make shit HAPPEN!

You get to harness your ENERGY, GRATITUDE (yep I went there!) and FAITH (sing it George Michael!) and use them to build that new story and that empire of yours you see beyond the old crappy money story standing in your way.

You must start at the foundation before you start choosing those fancy chandeliers for this new grand moneymaking castle of yours!

Mastering how you see money and what your goals are in relation to those desires and beliefs will make you the MASTER of those big bucks.

Here the down & dirty

Here’s what you get:

  1. The hows and whys of your beliefs and value systems impact your money, and why mastering mindset, desires and gratitude are the only tools you ever need to get what you want.
  2. Tons of exercises & a whopping 70 page workbook filled with all you need to get yourself up and out of the red and into the black
  3. Videos to help you dig deep
  4. Audios available for download
  5. Private FB group

If you cannot clear out the old shit, it is hard to make room for abundance.

Time to roll your sleeves up, make the deep changes so you can be that FABULOUS POWERHOUSE WOMAN I know you are!

Take the leap…

your new life and bank account await.