Do you remember back when you
started your business…?

You started with a dream, right?

A vision of what you could create and bring to your market to change lives, help others, and grow yourself. A business you could pour your time, love and energy into and grow by leaps and bounds.

I LOVE this!

You embarked into the unknown world of entrepreneurship TOTALLY pumped to be the change and do it all your way, not having to work for someone else.

You would master whatever you needed to and surpass even your biggest goals, right?

So you started building, learning, exploring…

Pretty quickly you were gaining traction in your business (while inside your business you were also the manager, the graphic designer, the PR maven, the social media guru, the marketing whiz, the copywriter, the developer…and so on…)

I bet that now every new aspect of your growing business seems to need expert help and guidance! Every new income target or new spin on what you offer seems to need a dream team of experts to get it done right and fast!

Areas like Branding, Facebook Ads, Scaling, Systems and Automation, Membership Sites, SEO strategy and so on…

And not forgetting the Business Coach everybody tells you you need!

It’s a lot, isn’t it?

I’m going to tell you something…

Being told you must have support at all times and be constantly investing in yourself and your growth to get where you want to go isn’t necessarily the truth. It’s not about the support, it’s about getting strategic support where it’s needed to propel you forward.

Otherwise, you feel exhausted as you go bouncing between the “have to dos” and the “should dos”, gathering lots of information, but not getting as close to your target as you’d like!

It’s time to put a STOP to all of this overwhelm and the never-ending list of drains on your time – and that is what I am here for.

“So, what exactly are you proposing here, Maria?” you may ask.

Well, the surefire way to get where you say you want to go is through ACTION.

But not more one-size-fits-all courses, not one long coaching package after another, not endless webinar binges to ‘learn’ all of the things you have no chance of implementing because your brain is on OVERDRIVE while your business may be in neutral or reverse!

Do you ever stop and think to yourself
that business shouldn’t be this hard?

You’re right! It doesn’t!

So… something is holding you back from taking Action.

  1. Maybe it’s not knowing what action to take
  2. Maybe it’s a missing piece or needing to adopt a different mindset
  3. Maybe it’s lack of know-how or needing a slight direction shift
  4. Maybe it’s an uneasy feeling of floating all on your own

Or maybe it’s that innately you know that it’s not just about taking Action, it’s about taking the right Action.

Imagine this for a moment….

  1. What if you had the clarity you need?
  2. What if you had the know-how you need?
  3. What if you had the confidence you need?
  4. What if you had the help you need?

What would be possible for you?

This is where I come in!

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself and say a proper “Hi”!

I’m Maria Hinton, and first off… I absolutely know how you feel. I have been there.

I started my own business from scratch in 2013 and when I began, I had my fair share of ups and downs, successes and not-so-successes.

I also had a degree in Business to lean on, so I adapted my strategies, I learned, I tweaked, I tested and with a lot of work and a lot of love, I found out what worked best for my business and I built my business on that foundation.

But I took this further. I learned all about SEO, about Systems and Automation and I integrated all of this into my business, enabling myself to work less, and work only on what I wanted to, and earn more in the process.

Now I have amazing courses, I have a beautiful base of clients and my business is at the stage where it earns me multiple 6-figures a year. My business works for me.

I have also built a strong element of Philanthropy into my business. Giving back is fundamental to me – it’s truly important. It’s really exciting for me to not only work on my business but to expand beyond it, and have the ability to also do the Philanthropic work I feel so very called to do.

I am acutely aware that not everybody in the world has access to the opportunities or the everyday resources that we in the Western World so often take for granted. As entrepreneurs, we are innovative, creative, smart, driven and courageous. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing.

We can help others and I believe we must. I believe this is our moral, human responsibility and this is a code I live by in my life

So you see, I’ve been where you are.

I’ve been where you are and the way I catapulted my success was not by constant information gathering or getting lost in Canva or Power Editor, but by working SMARTER in what I focused on, mastered and implemented.

I believe and know that everyone has the power to create the freedom they desire in their business without always being chained to a long-term coach or to the daily tasks they think they have to be doing.

You CAN skyrocket your business success by working smartly and strategically and in the process gift yourself back your free-time and your peace of mind.

So let me ask you… What would be possible for you in your business if you had:

  • A CEO-minded powerhouse to be your co-pilot for a project or creation period
  • An extra set of eyes and hands to help you map out goals, systems and structure in order for you to take that action
  • A consultant who knows the ins and outs of business to diagnose and prescribe your unique solution so you don’t need the investment of another full-time coach
  • An expert who takes on your current ideas
  • A helping hand to help you sort through the most important next steps in your business
  • A leader who can help you learn optimal outsourcing and team building within your business to free up your time

A strategist and dreamer to help you crank out a realistic dream

Through my Visionary VIP Launch Pad Retainer Services
I can offer you all of that

Here’s how this works:

  • We start with a pow wow in an initial strategy call to assess where you are now, and to get clear about where you want it to be. We then map out the goals and target ideas you want to implement during our time together, and we create a Visionary Blueprint for all of this.
  • We partner together for the next 4 months, meeting between 2-4 hours each month, where I teach, guide, advise and aid you in your action-taking towards your set goal or project. (We can assign and use these hours however you’d like – weekly, bi-weekly – the choice is yours.)
  • I show you, step-by-step, how to make your business sustainable and your projects a success, and I help you lay a framework for systems and automation to keep that success building long after our time together.
  • We work as a partnership on your business over the 4 month period. The Visionary VIP Launch Pad will involve not just strategy, but implementation. I will work closely with you, but you will have to do the work for your business.

And VOILA! Your action plan and your path to success is set and in motion!

But there is more….

I believe in not only setting you up for success but in empowering you to learn the HOW so that you can consistently and sustainably expand in your business.

I give you the tools and the knowledge to create the business you desire and to understand all of the working parts from the inside out.

To help you with this, as part of Visionary VIP Launch Pad you will also receive:

  • Access to all of my DIY courses – about Mindset, Manifestation, Business Building and Scaling, Dropshipping, Private Labelling, E-book Creation, Affiliate Marketing and more (Valued at $5000+)
  • Access to all my monthly VIP workshop and masterclass calls (Valued at $40/month)
  • Swipe files of templates, instructional guides and how-tos for all of the strategy and tech issues we cover in our time together so you can rinse and repeat this magic! (Priceless)
  • A one-day all-expense paid VIP in-person intensive in Toronto in Month 3 (will spend 6 glorious hours together masterminding and mapping out your next quarter)

In short:

My Brain + Your Drive + Our Collaboration
The fast track to your unique blend of success

It’s your bespoke plan to boost you and your business on the fast track to success, the know-how of exactly how to do it – and all without the constant pressure of accountability and responsibility that can weigh down your action taking!

Some of my areas of expertise are: Mindset Mastery, Business Planning (for both Online and Brick and Mortar Businesses), Branding, Opt-Ins, Facebook Ads, Sales Strategy, Pricing and Packaging, Sales Funnels, Recurring and Passive Income, Systems and Automation, Content Creation, Course Creation, Membership Sites, SEO Strategy, Scaling, Philanthropic Business Planning, Drop Shipping and Private Labelling.

Let me be clear:
My Retainer Services are for Go-getters

The Visionary VIP Launch Pad IS for you if:

  • You are a driven business owner who has big visions, huge goals and massive plans to execute NOW. You are a thought leader, a changemaker and an expert in your field.
  • You have the desire to start your own business and you have an even bigger amount of desire to achieve success.
  • You feel frustrated at being held back by the details, strategy or tech and need that extra boost to make your dream happen.
  • You are looking to scale your business – impact, expansion and reach – and you are not afraid to do the work to achieve that.
  • You are a heart-centered person who wants to impact the world with your business.

However, this is NOT for you if:

  • You need handholding to get stuff done.
  • You are held back by excuses and procrastination.
  • You are unclear of what direction to go in.
  • All that is important to you is making money.



Pay in full option: $3,499

4 monthly payments: $999


Pay in full option: $ 5,499

4 monthly payments: $1499

Please note that all FEES are in CANADIAN CURRENCY


I will be donating 5% of your Investment to two organizations that I deeply care about – Free the Children and Food for Kids.

I know, since you are here, that you want to have a bigger impact with your business than just making money. I want you to know that the money you invest will not only be enriching your life, but will also be enriching the lives of others.

Dollars Donated Since 2014

What’s included in Visionary VIP Launch Pad:

  • Initial Assessment & Strategy Call (2 hours)
  • Ongoing meeting times (2-4 hours per month over 4 months)
  • Hands-on strategy and implementation
  • Swipe files and training videos
  • Unlimited email/Voxer support to me
  • Access to all my programs and VIP workshops (including “Mastering Manifestation Mastermind”, “Amplify”, “The Momentum Lab” and ALL e-commerce courses )
  • The confidence that you have made the best decision possible for your business and, as you continue to do the work, the evidence of that for years to come!

I want to be clear: This is NOT a coaching program. Coaching is fluid and the focus may change. This is a Retainer Services Program. It is laser-focused, strategic and we follow our path through to completion. I will be working with you, but you will need to do your part of the work.

If you’ve read to here, you already know if the Visionary VIP Launchpad is right for you.

You already know in your bones if you are ready to take this leap, to invest in yourself and dramatically impact the course of your business and your life.

Obviously, this is a unique opportunity and will take significant time, attention and energy from both of us, so I want to make very sure that we are a great fit for working together. It’s not just about doing the work, it’s about being in true partnership over the 4 month period we are working together.

There is an application process for the Visionary VIP Launchpad and I will only be accepting a very small number of applicants.

Visionary VIP Launchpad is for people who are fully committed and who believe that work is meant to be meaningful.

It is for men and women who believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, and who are truly ready to step up in making their own unique impact in the world.

If this is you, I am excited to partner with you, to match your commitment and to work alongside you to take your business to the next level and beyond.

If you’re ready to apply, PLEASE HIT the button below. Will contact you within 24 hours. 

This is going to be FUN!!