Promise of Potential Boutique

Creating a life and business of sustainable impact is an exquisitely beautiful thing.

To see the world through the eyes of service, to grow a life that changes others,  to feel that influence affect not only you but the larger world around you.

It’s why you show up everyday and the reason you are  unstoppable!

When each act we do leads us to our bigger vision and goal while making each moment one to savour and admire, we can step deeper into our greatest vision with ease, flow and excitement

I am honoured to welcome you to the Promise of Potential Boutique

I have carefully curated each piece for sale with full proceeds going to two charities very near and dear to my heart.

Free the Children and Food for Kids.

Why you may ask?

Because I believe in a beautiful rich life in all meanings of that word and to embody the potential of what we each have to offer through intention, substance and action is how I live mine

I want to give back

To help those who don’t know yet the magic that lies in the future

To decorate the world and change the face of philanthropy

When you purchase from the POP Boutique, you not only buy a gift for yourself or another to welcome in the abundance of what life offers, you also gift someone less fortunate with the opportunity to spread their own light

That gift will carry that meaning and intention with it and have that ripple effect which will create the magnificent thread that ties us all together

Let us together change the world!