verb  [am·pli·fy]

1. to expand (as a statement) by the use of detail or illustration or by closer analysis

2.  to make larger or greater (as in amount, importance, or intensity) :  increase

3.  to increase the strength or amount of; especially :  to make louder


noun [al-kuh-mee]

1. a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy concerned principally with discovering methods for transmuting baser metals into gold and with finding a universal solvent and an elixir of life

2. any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance,usually of little value, into a substance of great value

Expand. Intensify. Transmute. Transform.

Are You Ready to Change Your Business?

You have built your business from the ground up on grit, tears and dreams

but now…..are you running it or is it running you?

Truth Time

You nailed your niche, you know your zone of genius and you have even had some real success under your belt

Making money you may not have believed you could earn,

serving clients that show up just like you, from the outside some may say, living the dream!

You didn’t start out on this entrepreneurial ride to coast in cruise control or level out

And that whole freedom based business thing you hear about?

Not quite-

feels more like you are tied to your desk, reinventing the wheel, slipping back into that hours for dollars without a larger plan in sight

You look around at those next level businesses and you can’t seem to understand HOW they scale, grow and develop that LARGER plan to go to that next step!

You are not willing to forgo that connection you’ve built with your ideal audience

You are still driven by impact, values and your mission-

most certainly not just the almighty dollar….

Are you feeling burnt out, running out of ideas, unsure of what to do next

Worrying that those ideal clients you worked so hard to attain might be outgrowing YOU?

Of course you can want MORE!!

You are ready to become that next level YOU to create that next level for your BUSINESS

But the essentials you mastered at the start CANNOT get you there

Nor are the basic courses or start up templates going to have the answers you need

So how do the successful ones stand out from the crowd?

Here’s how.

They decide:

~there is no ceiling on their success

~their influence and vision is bigger than their fear or overwhelm

~learning to scale, automate and grow with their ideal audience is the key to their growth

~surrounding themselves with those in the know who can teach them what comes next is the path to take


Imagine taking your original idea and current business model

and blowing it wide open to serve more, reach many and impact masses.

Without working 24/7 or cloning yourself!

You have gotten to where you are with the information you could find and learn.

But now it’s time to learn how to do what you didn’t even know was possible.

Here is what you need:

A Band of Like-Minded, Driven Go Getters

Leaders in the Industry & Bigger Picture Cohorts

Individual and Group Support

A Week By Week

Restructuring of Your Mindset & Business

A Framework for Setting That Foundation Strong While Building Up and Out

Stepping Stones For Growth & Expansion

A Plan for Your Unique Domination To Serve

I am Maria, a possibilitarian and prosperity coach and I was YOU

In the first three months of business I went from being in the hole (100k) to making 100k in sales- yes you read that right- $70k in profit

In less than a year my business has profited just over $300k

I created multiple streams of income and automated every aspect of my business

so I could stay focused and dedicated to my work and mission without burning out or outgrowing my business or passion

But like I said…it’s not just a numbers game.

I am a wife and a mom of 2 boys and sacrificing my life for my business was NEVER an option

I was getting antsy in my packages, outgrowing my starter ideas and not wanting to be the worst boss I ever had to myself

So I decided to delve deeper and create my larger business by creating my 2.0 self

But like I said…it’s not just a numbers game.

Now this is what it looks like:

  • I have a deep understanding of where I will make the highest ROI, with the least amount of effort
  • I have simplified and automated my business so that I can spend time actually living life
  • I have created a life where I can travel whenever I want, and be with my family without worrying my business will fall apart
  • I have mastered the art of delegation, so that I am focusing serving my clients to the highest level

As you can see, I personally have taken my business to heights I never dreamed this year by implementing exactly what I am about to teach in this mastermind.

It’s not JUST about the money.

But picture taking your income and your bandwidth and quadrupling it

by learning how to take all that you’re already built to jumpstart

Creating even more programs, more connection, more opportunity and more exposure

with simple and effective intentional steps!

This is NOT your standard coach for coaches type of process.

I am NOT selling you my way or a fit to form template of what your success should look like

I am guiding you and helping you build YOUR unique process

This program is for the different and ready ones

The driven passionate unstoppable minds who are ready to press accelerate


We start where you are and we build, restructure and brainstorm a new bigger vision framework over our 4 months together


Module One

Emotional Money Blocks

Uncover your money beliefs and how they may be holding you back

Emotions of Entrepreneurship

Discover your ideas, viewpoints and beliefs about being a business owner and how those mindset perspectives may be stopping your full potential in the entrepreneurship journey

Emotional Guidance System

Learn what your EGS is and how to use it most effectively when course correcting and expanding in your life and business to keep you aligned and on purpose

Goals & Achievement

Define and understand your patterns and behaviours that prevent you from reaching  goals through upper limiting and self sabotage and develop a plan for moving forward

Module Three

Business Model 2.0

Gain clarity on your business model that sets you up for success and scales for expansion- no more playing small

Create your own signature service/programs

Design the framework for your growth and assess your current offerings to make sure that they still apply to your market and your values mission

Packaging and Pricing

Devise a system for packaging and delivering your products and services so you  maximize reach, cover all areas of your market and stay aligned to who you are while owning your worth

Module Five

Captivating Through Copy  

Discover how great copy connects and how to write for impact

The Content Machine

Become a content wizard by learning to repurpose and recycle your already great ideas so you never run out of what to say

Standing Out with Your Voice and Style

Design your signature message and tone to keep your voice interesting and unique

Lesson in Languaging

Use your target audience’s language to speak directly to their pain points as well as their desires

Masterclass with Emmy Wu

Module Seven

Uncover your brand identity

Understanding archetypes and how each can set the tone for your brand

Colors and the human psyche

Learn what effect color and styling have on someone’s energy and mindset

How to build a powerful brand and strong emotional connection with your ICA

This is NOT simply about fonts and design!

Create a compelling message and an impactful first impression-

 Set the stage for your clients to understand who you are and what you do

Masterclass with Cora Spoladore

Module Nine


How to create your own mood board

How to see your brand across different formats

Tools for brand recognition

How to use templates for social media images (page/group headers, posts, etc) to decrease your workload and remain consistent

Visual Branding Identity

Solidify your branding across pdfs/program/course materials using evergreen templates and Adobe Acrobat as well as creating and using ppt slides for videos and webinars

Module Eleven

Course Creation

How to map out, plan and write courses and the best methods of delivery

Course development and promotion

Passive Income

 Learn the magic of evergreen content and how to use your existing content to leverage and upsell

Module Thirteen

Filling Your Funnel

Using your funnel system to build your reach and to sell out your offers

Building Your Influence Circle

Discover other people who have your ideal market (Gurus, top blogs, podcasts, social  media)

Tap into top leaders traffic

Utilize metrics and traffic research to shortcut your path

Masterclass with Adrienne Dorison

Module Fifteen

Launch Creation

Master that big bad word LAUNCH without sacrificing your sanity, integrity or other pieces   of your business!

Soft vs hard launch

Understand the pros and cons of open enrollment vs hard deadlines

Module Two

Success Mindset

Develop the mindset that will enable you to uplevel and become that next step YOU in your business

Success Habits

Upgrade how you manage your time, tasks and priorities to master your schedule for maximum productivity and performance

Self-confidence and clarity

Discover your unique strengths, skills and zone of genius to be clear on how and why you can own your power and stand out in a crowd

Uncovering your why

Understand how to not only identify your WHY but use it both in your work and in your marketing to connect you straight to the heart of your ideal audience

The Art of Storytelling

Learn the craft of using both your own story as well as stories in general to engage, attract and maintain connection and attention with your clients

Module Four

Ideal Client Reconnect

Gain crystal clear clarity on your ICA where they are now and where they will be ready to go so you can ensure your deliverability stays current and relevant

Understanding Your Competitors

In depth market research on your competitors not for comparison but for understanding your place in your own market

Building Trust and Positioning

How to build the know, like and trust factor with your market and maintain and grow your position as a sustainable expert in your niche

Creating your signature platinum client care experience

Design a professional and seamless process for welcoming in and serving your clients from start to finish

Masterclass with Shari Teigman

Module Six

Create jaw dropping opt-ins

Learn how to create high value opt-ins to bring those potential clients into your funnel for leads and solidify your level of service from the first touch

List building minus the sleaze factor

Design simple, effective and authentic ideas and strategies to build your list both in quality and quantity

Create an effective follow-up email sequence

Learn the secrets of email marketing and funnels to automate your plan mapping out your system with pre-made templates and tested templates

Masterclass with Jenn Scalia

Module Eight

Human Psychology & Marketing

Understanding what works and why so you can market smarter not harder

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Identify the right platforms for you, how to expand your reach and be noticed consistently

Create your very own marketing calendar

Devise your strategy to plan, implement and get paid in a systematic and proven way without reinventing the wheel each month

Module Ten

Course Creation

How to map out, plan and write courses and the best methods of delivery

Course development and promotion

Passive Income

 Learn the magic of evergreen content and how to use your existing content to leverage and upsell

Module Twelve

Funnel Creation

Learn the different styles of funnels and when to use them

Masterclass with Stephanie Nickolich

Module Fourteen

Facebook Ads

How to nail this from the start without expensive and time consuming mistakes.

Learn the:

Do’s and don’ts of Facebook

Images and copy that convert

Types of ads

Targeting and custom audiences

Creating your own ad

How to use the power editor

Masterclass with Kathleen Cutler

Module Sixteen

Scaling Your Dream Business

Affiliate marketing

How to protect your business on the legal end

Create powerful JV partnerships in order to leverage and create more impact

Masterclass with Gena Shingle

Expanding Your Reach

Explore and create speaking opportunities and guest expert-ing in other people’s programs and networking online and offline

Must Have Automated Systems For Your Growing Business

Learn my surefire tools that help me run my business like a well oiled machine

Listen To My Past Client’s Experiences..


Extensive Welcome Packet designed to assess where you are now and set your intention for massive growth over our 4 months together:

Weekly Group Calls – Group program begins September 11, 2017

Get 2×60 minute sessions with me

Support from me to keep you on track and motivated

Private Facebook Group for accountability, connection, and support both from me as well as your fellow go getting crew

8 – Exclusive master classes taught by industry experts to deepen our dive into success

Access to my Mastering Manifestation Mastermind


Adrienne Dorison

Cora Spoladore

Jenn Scalia

Emmy Wu

Gina Shingle Jaffe

Kathleen Cutler

Shari Teigman

Stephanie Nickolich

Why Will This Be A Game Changer For You?

You are:

Ready to Show Up Big Time and Shine

Well aware that the right mentorship and support will catapult you out of your comfort zone

Looking to grow your business from a place of confidence and leadership not comparison and lack

Craving That Life and Business You Are Completely In Charge Of

Want to increase your impact and influence to serve on a much bigger scale

End burnout and grow yourself and your dreams!

Looking to connect with other business owners who are done playing small

Prepared to make the money you desire by staying in your zone of genius and expanding from there

This Is Not For You If:

Like to dream and not follow through

You focus on your Cant’s more than your Can’s

Don’t feel ready to let go of control

Like your comfort zone

Are content with your small steady business

You stop and start and haven’t gotten any traction in your business

Are just starting out

Afraid to delegate

Look I get it.

Next level living and business building is not for everyone

Until now, the only way to work with me on truly scaling your business is in my VIP 1:1 program or my intensives for more than 5x the cost

And those clients have skyrocketed their business in record time

But personally, I am ready for MORE

and want you to be able to reach me not only in my regular programs

I am ready to teach what I built and know

To create a tight community of those different ones- ready to blow up and out together

To shorten that learning curve for others

To prove that it can be done and is much easier than you would think if you are really ready to show up

To see more devoted talented business owners finally fulfill their dreams while serving at their highest potential

Comfort Zones Are Over

Trading Dollars for Hours Are A Thing of the Past

Reinventing The Wheels and The Leads Month after Month is a Waste of Your Time

If staying where you are and letting the fear of growing even bigger is stopping you from taking the leap, I understand and wish you luck

But if the thought of really taking your ideas and business to the heights you know you can feels like freedom from the sea of sameness- then


I want to show you how you can have all you have ever dreamed of and more.

Now just in concept but in practice

Are you ready to be part of the entrepreneurial change blowing in the wind?

Stop waiting and start DOING

Let’s GO!

Next Group Program begins

 January 8, 2018.