Setbacks are an unfortunate part of life. Even the best laid plans can often go awry. What separates the best female entrepreneurs from the pretenders is the ability to absorb these problems and find a way to move forward. No one wants to purchase a product from someone who spends all their time crying over spilled milk.

The 5 steps to overcoming a devastating setback are remarkably similar to the five stages of grief. The death of a dream or a business plan is much like the death of a loved one. Let’s take a closer look at these five steps.

1. Denial

It is only natural to go into the denial stage after experiencing a setback. Our inclination is typically to find out whose fault it is, because it simply cannot be our own. While it is good to have a strong belief in oneself, one must not linger on this step for too long, or else they risk developing a defeatist attitude.

2. Anger

Anger is another powerful emotion, one that we can use for good, especially in the business world. Anger is what motivates us to prove to the world that we can do the impossible and achieve what the haters told us we could not. This emotion is a natural byproduct of hard work and effort. Unless we put our heart and soul into a venture, we will never experience it.

3. Bargaining

Now here is where the rubber meets the road. No longer are we blaming others or stewing in our own rage. Bargaining is when we take a truly objective look at the setback and acknowledge our own role in it. This is a time when a great deal of second guessing occurs. We start to analyze the failure and realize the mistakes we made on our own end. Without this stage, many female entrepreneurs simply end up having the same setbacks over and over again.

4. Depression

Feeling glum after a setback is a very normal emotion and there is no reason to try to discourage it. But you must walk a fine line between experiencing the correct amount of emotion and allowing yourself to wallow in sorrow. During this step, many women find that it is best to keep to themselves, so that they can sort through their feelings without feeling any sort of pressure from the outside world.

5. Acceptance

By accepting your fate and going through the proper steps to compartmentalize it, a strong female entrepreneur is able to learn from her setbacks and dominate her next venture. We are only as good as what we’ve done lately, so no matter how awful a setback may seem, life provides us with a bevy of chances to atone for our past mistakes.